About us

Our farms

Saga Flowers Company works to meet the demands of wholesalers around the world who have expressed the need to buy directly from reliable farms, like ours, with consistent high quality products. We offer a wide variety of fresh flowers available in our farms in Colombia. Saga Flowers Company produces and exports premium roses, grown specifically for the high-end market worldwide. We are farms dedicated to excellence, the welfare of our workers and the protection of our environment.

Our Heritage

Saga flowers has been in the market for 14 years, all started in 2005 on the 1 hectare estate of the Ortegon grandparents. Today we are managing to lead large markets worldwide, which makes us very proud to represent such a valuable project in international markets.

Our Staff

We are a great team that is differentiated by the commitment and responsibility in each task we perform on a day-to-day basis. Values ​​such as respect, solidarity and service make us stand out in the region.

We offer a wide variety of fresh flowers available in our farms in Colombia.

Why to buy in Saga Flowers?

SAGA FLOWERS has been committed since 2005 in producing the best quality flowers. An ample amount of roses are cultivated every year. We have one farm located in the Savannah of Bogota. From year 2005 to the date we have developed a commercial relationship with customer from North America, Europe and South America with Excellent acceptance in the international markets, our property counts on an 10 Hectares production area, but our vision is to grow even more.

Likewise, since its creation we have been committed with the protection of  environment and the welfare of all our employees who always work to reach our final goal, customer satisfaction.In SAGA FLOWERS all the conditions are met to offer you the best quality flowers from Colombia. Contact us for your specific needs, it will be a pleasure to assist you.